Innocent Blood

Over 11 million innocent people in the holocaust. Over 53 million innocent unborn babies. Racism and Abortion-thinking my life is better, more valuable, more important than someone else's. Same problem, same result. Innocent people, innocent children, have died and continue to die.  They are being murdered.  If a child is born with Down Syndrome and the mother strangled the baby to death when they got home she would go to jail. If a child in the womb has Down Syndrome and she chooses to kill it we support her choice. How is there a difference? This is the same baby...inside or outside of a womb it is obviously the SAME LIFE.

Reasons I have heard for abortion: the mother cannot support the baby, the child was a product of rape/the father is a criminal, the child has a disability, the parents are too young, the baby is simply not wanted.

Now picture a sweet little girl at two years old and I tell your her mother lost her job and can't support her...can she kill her daughter? What if the father robs a bank and goes to jail...should she kill her daughter because of the shame? What if the mother is 18 and struggling to finish school and can't balance school and a child...can she go home and kill her daughter then? Why are we so sick to our stomach at the thought of Casey Anthony possibly killing her three year old daughter but if she had aborted her four years ago we wouldn't have thought twice? 

When is it ok to kill a baby? An innocent child. When is it ok to kill someone because of their religion or the color of their skin? An innocent bystander.  


Please watch this movie. 30 minutes. (warning some graphic pictures, fyi) It will shock you and move you and I hope it will encourage you to think, to act, to fight for justice.  If we do not know our history we are destined to repeat it. Let us not be a generation of ignorance. Let us not be a generation who stands by and does nothing. 

If nothing else we can start by praying. Our prayers may be small but our God is big -John Piper.

32 They (Israel) angered Him also at the waters of strife,
         So that it went ill with Moses on account of them;
 33 Because they rebelled against His Spirit,
         So that he spoke rashly with his lips. 
 34 They did not destroy the peoples,
         Concerning whom the LORD had commanded them,
 35 But they mingled with the Gentiles
         And learned their works;
 36 They served their idols,
         Which became a snare to them.
 37 They even sacrificed their sons
         And their daughters to demons,
 38 And shed innocent blood,
         The blood of their sons and daughters, 
         Whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan; 
         And the land was polluted with blood.
 39 Thus they were defiled by their own works,
         And played the harlot by their own deeds. 

From Psalm 106.
No more innocent blood on our hands.Will you think about this with me?
Warning: these links below are extremely graphic, not suitable for children.

http://www.lifesite.net/abortiontypes/ I couldn't even finish this article but if you believe in supporting pro-choice, this is what you are supporting. Be informed. Decide for yourself. Not because of what I say or anyone else says, not because of what is popular or politically correct, but because this is what you believe in your heart to be right.  http://www.shamash.org/holocaust/photos/ Let us not stand idly by during a modern day holocaust. Love your neighbor as yourself...love them because they are a creation of God...love them because we must believe in the value of life-any age, any race, any gender. Sanctity of Life.

p.s. here is a message that includes some points about when life begins, what makes a fetus a life etc. http://www.desiringgod.org/resource-library/sermons/christ-culture-and-abortion

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  1. Cindy, thank you so much for your cogent, clear thoughts on the greatest human rights tragedy of our nation and the world.

    I spent the weekend in DC getting educated and networking with like-minded activists. Never be discouraged. Those with us are greater than those against us. We know that love and life will win.