My Big Promotion

Hi friends,
I am writing to let you know that I have officially accepted a position at Mathews Family Inc.   My husband offered me a position to be a full-time mom to this adorable little boy and I just couldn’t refuse.  The job has no vacation days, no paid benefits, (in fact no paid days at all) and I am on call all days, nights and weekends.  Hopefully, we will double my work load next year if God allows us to add another little one to the brood.  This way I could have even more responsibilities but no raise or bonus since I’m not getting paid anyway. (Although the laughs and the hugs are pretty awesome.)

I know you are jealous as this totally sounds amazing and I have to say, I am pretty excited.  This baby just gets cuter and cuter and I’m going to get to teach him to talk and walk and take him to the zoo and the park and all in all just spend my days living the dream.  I am sad to leave the professional world but we are just considering this a temporary early retirement for a small chapter of life. Me and Michael Phelps…you know kind of the same thing ;-) Who knows what God has in store for the future but we feel this is the best decision for our family at this time and figure no matter what, investing in our kids will never be something we’ll regret.

This was the letter I sent to my co-workers and am now sharing with all of you! One week down of two weeks notice so just one final week to go! We are excited for this new chapter of life and so very grateful for the opportunity God has given us. We'll keep you posted!


To Dads, With Love

(my husband and son left, my husband as a baby top right, me as a baby bottom right)

  No dad is perfect but these days it is getting harder and harder to find a *good* dad. A staggering number of children are growing up with dads that are uninvolved, uninterested, abusive or simply not there at all.  My heart truly goes out to these families, these kids, these moms. To these, and to those that have lost their fathers, I know Father's day can be hard and I pray that God meets you in the hard places where He promises to be a "Father to the fatherless". (Ps. 68:5)  Not in a cheesy platitude way, but in a real, tangible way that God will provide for you, and love you, and watch over you in a way better than any earthly father ever could.

By the grace of God our family has been blessed with some amazing fathers and I am so grateful they continue to be a part of our lives.  My dad, my father in law, and my husband are all really strong men but they all have really tender hearts too.  They have worked hard to love their families well and I have reaped these tangible and intangible benefits in countless ways and I truly thank God for the family name and legacy they are building.  These men show me God, which is why God created the role of "dad" in the first place.  They love, protect, provide, discipline, comfort, and lead by example.  To think our Heavenly Father feels this way about me multiplied times a thousand is just overwhelming.  

Dads kind of get the shaft because as you get older you don't have much to buy them anymore when they have every tie, grill set, coffee mug and golf knick knack they could ever want and then some.  And really I find dads (men) to be simple in their desires to just be at home and be with their family and eat and watch TV (or insert hobby of choice hahaha). So to these three amazing dads and to any others reading this, I hope this is a small way to let you know how much you are appreciated. And if you currently don't feel appreciated, hang in there! The value of a good father truly lasts a lifetime and will continue to increase every year that goes by.  Thank you for changing diapers that we don't remember, making us eat peas that really aren't that bad, thank you for lectures that we hated but appreciated and thank you for phone calls when there just isn't anyone else to call but Dad. 

Proverbs 20:7 "A righteous man who walks in his integrity, how blessed are his sons after him".

Happy Father's Day 2013. xoxo


My 30th Birthday!

Throughout the course of my 30th birthday Easter weekend....

I got a massage
I got my "hair-did"
Went downtown to the Macy's Flower Show

Had Easter dinner (that I didn't have to cook!) and Egg Hunt with great friends
Had Ben and Jerry's Half-Baked ice cream (my favorite!)
Got to go for a jog for the first time in approximately a year
 (so good...so out of shape but so good...)
Was "vandalized" in the middle of the night by sweet friends with a birthday banner 
in our front yard

Took a 10 minute shower (quite the new mom luxury for those of you that don't know)
Enjoyed Birthday/Easter brunch with chocolate chip pancakes and strawberries (my favorite!!)

Was privileged to be at John Piper's last ever sermon as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist
Celebrated the amazing sovereignty of our amazing God and risen Savior for Easter
Had a super fun birthday party with my super awesome awesome friends playing Taboo and eating delicious homemade birthday cookie cake

Watched hysterical YouTube videos with said friends and laughed like crazy
Kid President Pep Talk (click here for a great laugh!)
Received birthday wishes/texts/voicemails from so many great friends and family
Played with a super cute baby who happened to be especially snuggly on my birthday

Came home and am getting ready to snuggle into bed with my amazing husband
God is good
30 years old...bring it


Where Do Families Come From?

For those of you that don't know, we moved to Minnesota almost two years ago exactly, not knowing a single soul here.  That is a whole other story but what I want to share today is how AMAZINGLY God has blessed us with not just friends but what we would consider truly an extended family.  

At first we thought it was just Minnesota Nice, but what we are talking about is almost miraculous in nature.  

One of the draws here was Bethlehem Baptist which is John Piper's church, and so that was where we started.  We decided to join a small group Bible study and so we visited a few over the course of a month.  From one group (which we ended up not joining) there was a couple that reached out to us simply because we were new in town. They had us over to dinner and we just loved them and had so much in common and next thing you know, we had our first friends! 

Then we found a small group that we DID join, where God gave us *four* other couples, all around our age that we just felt so connected with.  And would you believe that in this group FOUR babies were born in less than TWO months?! And God-willingly more are on the way! They have cared for us and our son in so many simple and practical ways, and we pretty much see one of those couples outside of group every week.  

Through that group, my husband was connected to a great job here in the cities and there he met a really kindred spirit brother in Christ who has pretty much become a part of our family as a brother to us and an "uncle" to our son.  And he encouraged us to join a *second* small group that he was starting.  We thought "well...how can more friends and more time in the Word be a bad thing? What the heck, why not?!" 

So last year we joined what we call our "Family Group" that is this totally randomly thrown together group of students, singles, married, athletes, teachers, business professionals etc. that God has brought together in beautiful harmony.  And I think we all would agree, we just belong together! In this time, in this place, this season of fellowship with them is just amazing.  We make dinners for each other, we help each other get jobs, we drive each other to the airport, we paint each other's houses, etc. etc. (and they babysit!!) And most importantly we pray together and we do life together and it is awesome.  

And then through THESE people, we met our nanny, who is so ridiculously thoughtful, caring, humble, sweet and Christ-like that it would take me way too long to write but just trust me on this.  And she and her husband and her daughter have loved and cared for my son during the days as though he were part of their family and it fills my heart to no end.  I actually love leaving him with her because there are so many ways that they model Jesus to him in different ways than I do and it makes me so happy he can experience this example.  

And I'm writing all this because today, on this unassuming Sunday morning, we had a simple service to dedicate our son to God. We stood before the congregation and pledged a few vows which I will share below. We promised to do our best to show Christ to our son and then the people in the church affirmed that they would do the same.  Sadly because our family is out of state, they were not able to be at this service.  So we had sent out an email to all of these friends to see if they wanted to come for this, which was at 9am when usually they all go to church at 11am or else in the evening.  And you just would not believe how many of them went out of their way to be there for us this morning.  One girl came just for the dedication and then was going to church AGAIN tonight for the evening service.  And 9am on a February Minnesota morning is not very warm, not very convenient. But they were there. And they helped take photos, and helped with the baby, and then came over after for lunch and helped make lunch and entertained the baby and it seriously felt like a Sunday afternoon with family.

So unto Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, unto Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus unto all generations for ever and ever.

We have been so...very...blessed.  Our son is so loved, WE are so loved, and it is truly a miracle in our life. God has been so good and to all of these people, know how much we love you and thank God for you. Thank you for coming alongside of us in life and in raising our child.  And to Luke...

“Together with your parents who love you dearly, and this people who care about the outcome of your faith, I dedicate you to God, surrendering together with them all worldly claim upon your life in the hope that you will belong wholly to Jesus Christ, forever.”