A New Perspective on Christmas

So this is our first Christmas with a baby....a baby boy...our only son.  

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.


 God *gave* His ONLY son.  He wasn't taken or manipulated, He gave him.  And it was His ONLY son.  Not that one child would have more significance than another, but there were no other children. Just Jesus.  And God gave Him up; sent Him away from the riches of Heaven to the poverty of this world.  He sent Him to die.  

In a small small shadow of a way to relate, somewhat like me sending my son away from the beautiful life we have here in America to live in a third world village somewhere, knowing he would die of hunger or AIDS or some other horrible disease.  But knowing that in doing so, his life would save everyone else's.  He would be a hero. But I would be alone.  I would lose my son.  But surely his one life would be worth the sacrifice to save the world, right? But it's my son, my heart outside my body.  Could I love *other people* enough to allow my son to be their hero?  

And yet God's son wasn't a hero, He was a servant. And He was hated and mocked and ignored.  And He continued to love and serve and die anyway.  

God's sacrifice for us, for me, sent in love.  He gave His only Son.  My sweet, beautiful, smiling boy...so innocent and pure and precious. So very loved and adored.  

God gave His beautiful, smiling, innocent boy to us.  On a quiet night in a lowly manger.  No crowds, no friends, no trumpets, not even a midwife to help. But there He was...God's son, God's love, in the flesh, for us. 

What a heavy, beautiful truth in John 3:16.  Thank you Lord for Your Gift. My gratitude and love has fallen short of the magnitude of your sacrifice.  It is truly an indescribable gift. 

What a new perspective of Christmas for me, that my husband and I will celebrate with our sweet son.  Thank you Lord for this indescribable gift as well.  

Merry Christmas...tidings of comfort and joy that God is With Us. If we believe, we will never die. Not believe in Santa, not believe in the "Christmas Spirit"...but believe in Christ. The baby. The king. God's love poured out for us.  May you believe with all your heart this Christmas and always.    

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