How I Changed the World

Many years ago (aka in college) I felt convicted that I wanted to change the world, but as one measly college student I wasn't sure what impact I could make on any of the monstrous problems that exist in our society.  Well God put it on my heart that maybe I wasn't going to save the world all at once but I could certainly make a difference in the life of one person at a time if I would make the effort. 

 This led me to Compassion International, a Christian based child sponsorship program where I found Roxanne, a cute little six year old living in the Philippines who had the same birthday as my mom.  I have now been sponsoring her for almost ten years, and additionally Husband wanted a "son", so we started sponsoring David from Africa a couple years ago.  We pay $76 a month for the two of them ($38 each) and this is less than our cell phone bill, less than our cable bill and less than what we spend eating at restaurants every month (usually). That being said, there is no way in my mind I can ever justify NOT being able to afford sponsoring them.  If we can spend $38 for a beverage, an appetizer and dinner to provide sustenance for ONE night, then we can spend $38 to provide food, medical benefits, school supplies and access to Biblical teaching to a child in poverty for a MONTH. Do you know that we sent David a little extra money for Christmas and he used it to buy sugar, rice and soap for his family and for himself he got a BALL. Like one of those generic plastic balls that would be 99 cents at ToysRus. This was so humbling to me, I just cannot put into words how I felt when I read that in his letter.  Which yes, these sweet children write us letters and probably pray for us as much if not more than anyone else in our lives (except maybe our moms).  

Roxanne graduating from middle school! 
David in his new birthday clothes...SO cute

Here is a link for Compassion if you are interested. There are plenty of other organizations out there as well but I commend Compassion to you because it's very well organized, they are genuine in their efforts and your money is going where it's supposed to.  And here is an excerpt from one of Roxanne's letters...  

(from June 2007)
"...I am your sponsored child Roxanne who writes you because I know already how to make a letter to both of you and in fact I will be in grade 4 this coming June.  With regards to my health, by God's mercy I am very okay, not like before when I always got sick.
As I grow older, I grow also more closer to God and in fact I've learned a lot about the Word of God.  And in home, I always help my mother doing chores. 
We would like to ask your prayers for us here that God gives us always good health and give my father a permanent job.
....From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for still helping me in many ways, especially with my studies. May God be with you always. "

Does that melt your heart or what? I seriously don't know of a better way to spend $38.  Compassion did not ask me to write this and I know it is not possible for everyone but I feel so grateful to sponsor these kids. I just wanted to share this because it brings me that much joy.  
You can change the world! We do every month and it is a privilege.

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