Partly Cloudy

If you haven't seen this short film by Pixar you must watch it.  Five minutes...here's the link.
Partly Cloudy Pixar on You Tube

WARNING: Do not read the following unless you've watched the movie! It won't make sense and it will ruin how cute the film is.

So now that you've watched it, SO adorable right?!  I love how much the cloud and the stork love each other!! And I love that the stork was so faithful. He could have given up or gotten angry at the cloud for "bad" gifts. He could have gone to serve another cloud or asked his cloud to change but he didn't.  He changed *himself* and their relationship got better because of it. I thought this was just such a sweet picture of love and commitment.  And a creative "win-win solution" right? I dunno, maybe I'm taking too much out of a cartoon but it just really warmed my heart. Hope you enjoyed it too!

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